Since the 2000s, Amagran has stood out in the Brazilian and international scene for its authenticity and creative and technological personality. With an unwavering commitment to excellence in the capture and processing of natural rocks, the company blends tradition and innovation to transform marble, granite, quartzite, and crystals into true works of art. More than exporting stones, Amagran brings pieces of the Brazilian soul to the entire world, sculpted through cutting-edge technology and an innovative perspective on natural beauties.


At the heart of Amagran beats a vibrant team, made up of young, fun, and extremely determined minds. United by a passion for natural rocks and an incessant desire to innovate, our collaborators bring a contagious energy to every project. Here, creativity meets technology, and together, we challenge the limits of what's possible, always in pursuit of doing more and better. Amagran is driven by the conviction that, with the right team, we can turn the ordinary into extraordinary.


Our showroom is a celebration of natural beauty, where each stone tells a story. Situated at the heart of our operation, it offers an immersive experience through the unique textures, colors, and patterns of our ornamental rocks, highlighting the versatility and grandeur of the materials nature provides us.


Located in Vila Velha, at a strategic point on the route to the main export terminals, the Amagran office is more than a workspace; it is a living reflection of the company's identity. Designed to mirror Amagran's cultural code, our environment is spacious, open, and flooded with natural light, creating a perfect backdrop for innovation and creativity.

Here, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to stimulate collaboration and efficiency, with an infrastructure that supports the use of advanced technologies in all operations. Although the office is the home of our administrative team, it pulses with the spirit of the entire company, dedicated to excellence and innovation in the ornamental stone sector.